The Future is today at the Oasis Greens Golf Centre

The Future is today at Oasis Greens Golf Centre

It wasn’t too long ago that golf ranges were nothing more than ball beating emporiums located on old farmer’s fields or vacant industrial lots with a lone flag stuck somewhere in the middle.

A singular sign or an old tractor deposited somewhere out on the field was both your yardage marker and target. The balls were mostly square with nary a sign of a dimple , partially due to the fact that all balls when washed spent 5-10 minutes in an old wringer-washer tub which beat the stripes right off the balls. Rental clubs were a mixed bag of irons and woods usually coming out of the lost and found box, while the mats were left over re-cycled rubber from a tire factory. Great durability that rubber but extremely tough on the irons not to mention the wrists.

Well we’ve come a long way since then and Calgary newest addition to the golf scene is the professionally designed and beautiful Oasis Greens Golf Centre located in South Calgary at 12014-242 Ave. S. (the Dunbow Road and Hwy 2A intersection) .

The Oasis Greens is unique in that along with its’ fully covered tee stations, over head heaters, south exposure, laser sighted target greens and a target area superior to any practice facility in the City, we offer a fine Instruction Program designed to improve your performance and heighten the enjoyment level. We’ve often heard the phrase “ scores are made from 100 yards in”, well, the Oasis Greens gives you the ideal place to work on this aspect of your game. New golf balls and superior turf mats don’t hurt either.

The beautiful Oasis Greens Golf Centre is Calgary’s finest example of what golf “practice” facilities have become. Situated on 50 acres nestled alongside the rolling hills of South Calgary the Oasis Greens is not a “Mirage” but is the most complete golf practice facility of its kind. Offering lots of space for golfers with over 65 tee stations, 43 sheltered and heated, the centre also has 9 laser sighted target flags on contoured greens, a 2500 sq. ft. putting green, etc. and it goes on and on.

The Centre also features the much acclaimed “Pebble Beach” Championship 18 Hole miniature golf course, arguably the best designed track in Western Canada. Golfworx, the designer and developer of the course states “We believe we have been quite successful in blending the more pleasant aspects of a “walk in the park” with a course design that is both entertaining and challenging”. The course is ideally suited for birthday parties and/or corporate functions, but also extremely beneficial to the dedicated golfer who wishes to work on his putting stroke”. The course layout features 60-75 ft length fairways with contoured greens and well placed hazards .The signature feature of the course is the spectacular high natural rock waterfall cascading down into the waterways that feed a series of well designed ponds equipped with aesthetically pleasing spray fountains. With hole names such as “Mulligan’s Misery, Double Trouble and Charly’s Chute” , players of all levels will be challenged and amused . Fortunately, all players are provided with floating golf balls as many a shot skirts the never ending water hazards which dot the course throughout. Course lighting and the sounds of the rushing water add to the overall ambience of Pebble Beach making it one of the best destination points for families out to have fun at an affordable price.

The Oasis Greens Golf Centre provides quality, comprehensive and enjoyable golf instruction through our Performance Golf Academy . Our Teaching Professionals are well skilled in communicating the basics, demonstrating the applicable skill stes and simplifying the swing mechanics necessary to help you improve your game. Recognizing the diversity of our students as it pertains to skills, experience, physical abilities and limitletc ., our teaching philosophy is quite simple ,“We teach people, not systems”. There are no two golfers exactly alike nor is one method of instruction suitable for all types of players. If you seriously want to improve your game both in score and enjoyment, give us a call. We would love to help.

The golf range of today has become more luxurious, more service oriented and focused on each golfers “improved performance”.

Calgarians should feel fortunate in having one of the best golf practice facilities around, the Oasis Greens Golf Centre.

Give us a call at 403-873-0004 or simply stop by, we would like to help you with your game.