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As you may be aware, the Calgary Family Golf Centre ceased its golf operations this summer on July 4,2010. This was not the fate that we or our loyal customers wanted evidenced by the many, many people who signed onto our website and expressed their view online and/or signed the hard copy petition located within the Clubhouse at the Golf Centre. We received literally thousands of names and letters from individuals, groups, schools, associations, etc. all over the City in support of the Family Golf Centre.

In brief, a meeting was held on May 22.2010 at the MacDougall Centre with Mr. Ouellette, Hon. Min. of Transportation, Mr. Ted Morton, Hon. Min. Of Finance and Mr. Lindsay Blackett, Hon. Min. of Culture and Community Spirit. Unfortunately Ms. Alana Delong, MLA for Calgary Bow was unable to attend as she was out of the country at the time. Mr. Ralph Klein, former Alberta Premier and Mayor of the City of Calgary in addition to Mr. Kevin Taylor (Aldermanic candidate for Ward 7) also attended to lend their support and speak on behalf of an alternative solution and the ongoing continuance/survival of the CFGC. Regrettably and although the Government was empathetic, we were not able to move them sufficiently to have the decision to enforce this unwelcomed closure rescinded. That said, through extensive negotiations with the Provincial Government and specifically the Department of Transportation/ Hon. Minister Luke Ouellette, we were allowed to leave a portion of our infrastructure in place. The Minister clearly recognized the contribution and value that the golf centre brings to the City of Calgary and was receptive to a point but a solution to accommodate all parties was not workable.

In order to maintain some semblance of site security and reduce the chance of vandalism and/or damages to our infrastructure while the site is under construction, an area of approximately 1.5 acres has been entirely fenced and secured. The main Clubhouse, the Special Events building used for hosting birthday parties, corporate receptions, community functions, etc., the smaller building next to the main entranceway and our shop were all closed up and remain on site today. The Pebble Beach 18 hole Championship Miniature Golf Course was serviced for closure and dormancy with the hope that in approximately two years we will be able to reclaim and revitalize this beautifully landscaped course with its extensive network of streams and hole challenges.

We received excellent support and guidance from the MLA for Calgary Bow, Ms. Alana DeLong who understood and appreciated the value of having a world class and family oriented golf recreational facility in Calgary and more specifically within the north-west quadrant. I also wish to acknowledge support and words of encouragement from Mr. Ted Morton, Hon. Min. Of Finance and Mr. Lindsay Blackett, Hon. Min. of Culture and Community Spirit in addition to Alderman Dale Hodges from Ward 1, Calgary.

We also received numerous enquiries and offers of encouragement from many of your neighbors in addition to several Aldermanic and mayoralty candidates who were quite active in their advocacy.

In summary, support from our customers/clientele has been nothing short of spectacular and I would like to personally thank all of you. As you well know, the Calgary Family Golf centre was voted by the Golf Range Association of America as one of the “Top 10 Ranges in North America”. We share that award and recognition with you all and hope that within the near future we will again be able to reclaim, rebuild and reopen the finest family golf recreational facility within Calgary.

It is my intent to provide all of you on our mailing list with updates as they occur in order that you may be fully informed as to any future developments regarding the reopening of the Calgary Family Golf Centre.

Thank you.

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