TOP 10 Reasons why going to a golf range is BETTER than going to a golf course

And the top 10th Reason why you should visit a golf range versus a golf course : 10 . Golf Professionals at a range are “Teaching Professionals, they only teach golf. They are not green fees sales staff, clothing reps, club cleaners, golf cart mechanics. course marshals, tournament organizers, etc. Enjoyed this post? Why not share.

There’s a lot of balls out there….

As a youngster growing up in Toronto working at my Dads’ range, I used to practice the old Tom “paint the fence” Sawyer approach. I would tell all my friends how much fun and adventure it was and that if we worked really hard and really fast we could make a ton of money. The going rate back then was … Read More

The Future is today at the Oasis Greens Golf Centre

A singular sign or an old tractor deposited somewhere out on the field was both your yardage marker and target. The balls were mostly square with nary a sign of a dimple , partially due to the fact that all balls when washed spent 5-10 minutes in an old wringer-washer tub which beat the stripes right off the balls. Rental … Read More

First Time Out

Having spent a considerable amount of time around golf ranges going back many, many years (no, the balls weren’t filled with feathers.) I wanted to offer some advice to you golfers getting ready for an active playing season. First, for that inaugural trip to the range, leave the “big dog” in the bag. There really is no need to unleash … Read More

Support The Calgary Family Golf Centre

As you may be aware, the Calgary Family Golf Centre ceased its golf operations this summer on July 4,2010. This was not the fate that we or our loyal customers wanted evidenced by the many, many people who signed onto our website and expressed their view online and/or signed the hard copy petition located within the Clubhouse at the Golf … Read More