Due to scheduling issues, Oasis Golf is currently without our team of golf professionals and will not be offering programs until otherwise noted.

Performance Golf Academy

Our Teaching Philosophy: We teach people, not systems! There are no two golfers exactly alike; nor is one method of golf instruction suitable for all types of players.

Calgary Golf Lessons and Programs at Oasis Golf
Private Instruction (30 Minute sessions)

Our Academy has a very simple objective. We are here to meet your needs and establish mutually acceptable goals that are realistic and achievable.

How do we accomplish this:

  • Tailor lessons, drills, etc. to the individual’s specific skills and goals
  • Prioritize problem areas
  • Develop a structured approach to play and practice
  • Reintroduce basic fundamentals to comprehensive swing mechanics
  • Guaranteed improvement and further enjoyment of your golf game
GOLD  (5 lesson pack) $275

SILVER  (3 lesson pack) $180
BRONZE  (1 lesson) $75

Private Instruction (1 Hour sessions)

A first session interview and completion of the Player Profile Sheet to identify strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives. Brief swing analysis with video and commentary emailed direct to the client within 24 hours.

GOLD  (5 lesson pack) $499

SILVER  (3 lesson pack) $319
BRONZE  (1 lesson) $129

Friends/Semi-Private Instruction (1 Hour sessions)

Golf Instruction in the company of family and friends is an excellent path towards performance as it blends social interaction and fun with the actual learning process.

A first session interview and completion of the Player Profile Sheet to identify strengths, weaknesses, goals and objectives. Brief swing analysis with video and commentary emailed direct to the clients within 24 hours.

  • Ideal for 2-4 players at comparable skill levels
  • Basic fundamentals to comprehensive swing mechanics
  • Provide swing drills and highlight the importance of immediate practice to reinforce instruction received and build swing repetition.

GOLD  (5 lesson pack) $289/person

SILVER  (3 lesson pack) $179/person
BRONZE  (1 lesson) $69/person

Women & Golf

This is an Instructional program specifically designed for women and is only offered through the Performance Golf Academy located at the Oasis Greens Golf Centre and previously at the Calgary Family Golf Centre. We all aware of the physical differences between men and women, this program takes that in to account and utilizes those differences to enhance performance and ensure results.

The Oasis Greens Golf Centre is an ideal setting for those golfers wishing to learn more about the golf swing in an easy-going participatory environment enjoying the company of fellow golfers of close to equal ability.

The Women and Golf Sessions include the following:

  1. 3 – 1 Hour Sessions
  2. Excellent student to teacher ratio, 4-6 students per Golf Professional
  3. Program fee – $165.95 per student

  • Lesson 1: Students will be shown the basics of the golf swing including proper grip, stance and alignment .
  • Lesson 2: Address any problems relating to the swing, grip, etc. and demonstrate proper swing drills and stretch exercises to reinforce Lesson #1.
  • Lesson 3: Review full swing and demonstrate short game techniques inclusive of chipping and putting. Move to clubhouse and over a glass of wine discuss progress to date, what’s next and the importance of club fitting for women.

Junior Golf Mini Camp Program

This program provides junior golfers with an introduction to golf swing basics. The program provides the following:

  • Small class sizes, 4-6 juniors
  • Achievement certificate
  • RCGA Future Links guide book
  • Pop/juice plus a snack
  • Range balls and clubs complimentary

Program Fee – $54.95

All Programs Include:

  • Unlimited range balls during instruction
  • Challenging technique improvement
  • Club fitting recommendations
  • Various skill level training
  • Professional evaluations
  • Specific skill exercises

Academy Policies:

  • All lessons must be prepaid
  • 24 Hrs notice required for all cancellations
  • All lessons are valid for one year from date of purchase
  • “No shows” for lessons will be charged the cost of the entire lesson so please plan accordingly.

Our Teaching Professionals

The teaching professionals utilized by the Performance Golf Academy are just that… Teachers. Over years of experience our Golf instructors have been successful in analyzing the golf swing and the mechanics necessary to improve performance. More importantly, through countless number of hours committed to golf instruction they have learned to effectively communicate this information to their students. Communication and clarity is always the key.

Those students have taken this information and realizing the importance of practice the ‘right way’ and course management have gone on to increased enjoyment, a higher degree of consistency and lower scores.

Their goals have been achieved.