Golf Driving Range

At Oasis Greens Golf Centre in Calgary, our magnificent tee line area is approximately 650 ft. long by 27 ft. wide, allowing each golfer a spacious area to work on their game.

Larger than four football fields, the golf range landing field consisting of fairway green synthetic field turf dotted with strategically placed and colored turf to simulate sand traps, bunkers, water hazards, etc. The Oasis Greens, in a very short time will challenge each and every golfer to improve their game or watch their ball enter in to one of our many course hazards. The range includes six target greens complete with nine coloured flags all laser sighted from each individual tee station for precise yardage to assist each golfer with working on all parts of their game.

We offer 43 fully lighted stalls, 16 of which include overhead heaters to accommodate the golfer during those cooler days. Superior 5ft x 5ft artificial range mats and full mesh dividers separate each golfer providing an element of privacy and space.

The facility prides itself on using only two types of premier range mats with minimal club and wrist impact complete with high quality range balls to provide all of its customers with a superb practice facility.

Golf Pricing:

  • Small bucket (35 balls): $9
  • Medium bucket (70 balls): $13
  • Large bucket (105 balls): $15
  • Value key ($21 savings) : $129
    *Plus $5 key deposit

Golf Club Rental:

  • Regular golf club: $4
    This nominal rental charge covers the rental and use of one club. Customers who wish to take more than one club, the cost is only $4.00 per club.
  • Junior clubs (12 & under): No Charge

The Golf Value Key

Ideal for the golfer who likes to hit balls or has family members, friends and/or business associates that enjoy the game of golf. The Value Key is coded up to $150.00 (10 large Buckets of Balls).

  • We charge the customer only $129.00 for an immediate $21.00 savings
  • Key is registered in the name of the primary user
  • Fully Transferable
  • Never expires, good from year to year
  • Built in Tracking System identifying $ and buckets used
  • No waiting in lines, go direct to the dispenser to get your golf balls
  • Lend to family or friends to hit on your account
  • The Value Key is an ideal gift for the golfer in the family who likes to practice ie: Father’s or Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Grad gifts,etc.