TOP 10 Reasons why going to a golf range is BETTER than going to a golf course

  1. You know that ball you just hit two fairways over, well at a range you don’t have to go get it.
  2. Pure bliss is never having to hear the word ” FORE”.
  3. Your “Big Dog”  Driver can be used on every shot with no fear of breaking a window.
  4. No signs saying, ” Cart Path only”.
  5. 105 shots only cost $14.00.
  6. Every shot can be a Mulligan, we don’t keep score at the range.
  7. The term, “playing through” doesn’t mean you are playing slow, it simply means another swing of the club.
  8. Save big time ! $14.00 for  bucket of Balls vs $95:00 Green Fee without a cart.
  9. Remember #8, well spend 45 min. with us practicing rather than 6 hours in a cart.

And the top 10th Reason why you should visit a golf range versus a golf course :

10 . Golf Professionals at a range are “Teaching Professionals, they only teach golf. They are not green fees sales staff, clothing reps, club cleaners, golf cart mechanics. course marshals, tournament organizers, etc.

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